Treating Yourself Should Not Be Rare

The ritual of really good coffee is vital to well being and nothing on earth pairs better with supreme ice cream. We hand roast a small, 16 lb. batch each week at our family-run scoop shop in the Lowry Hill neighborhood of Minneapolis. We only roast exceptional quality beans from around the world and, by our process, bring out the sweetness, brightness and depth of flavors to create a cup of Joe that our grandfather, Sebastiano, would be proud of.

Roasted Right Here

Exotic Arabica Coffee

  • Sourced Sustainably

  • Single origin

  • organic

  • Fair Traded

  • farmer direct coffee

Iconic Neighborhood
Coffee Blends

Roasted on Hennepin + Franklin (New blends landing in stores this Summer)

  1. Espresso

    Chocolate, Citrus

  2. Dark Roast

    Smokey, Cocoa

  3. Light Roast

    Sweet, Lemon, Cocoa

  4. Medium Roast

    Sweet, Blueberry, Toasted Walnuts

Limited Roasts

  1. Single Origin

    Ethiopian Whole Bean

    Floral, peppery, spicy. Enjoy With: Watermelon Sorbet and a BFF.

  2. Single Origin

    Columbian Whole Bean

    Balanced, Fruit-forward, nutty Enjoy with: Two scoops of Salty Caramel and a patio seat

Roasted Fresh & By Hand on Franklin Ave.

For longer than most shops in the city, we have been buying premium green coffee beans from some of the best coffee growers in the world. Each year, we refocus our vision for the varieties we carry by only buying from regions and vendors that have an absolutely impeccable product. All of our coffees are pure Arabica and grown over 1,300 meters altitude in some of the most exotic locations on earth.  The coffees we select are always 80 points or higher and we use our experience and knowledge to select premium coffee that we know our long-time customers and new neighbors will appreciate.