Sebastiano, a salute to our Grandpa!

“Coffee & Ice Cream take the worry out of the day” -Sebastiano

Sebastiano, our grandfather was a traditional Italian man. He stood for family, independent style and embracing the flavors of life. He arrived in New York in 1920 and headed straight West. He was looking for California, but landed in Minneapolis instead. He worked hard his whole life at a marble manufacturing company, but he also taught us brothers to enjoy the sweet things that life had to offer too.

We remember our grandfather having a bit of Brandy in the morning with his coffee and always rewarding his long day with a sweet treat at night. We named our ice cream scoop shops after him as a salute to his decadent spirit. Let the way he enjoyed the smoothness of each day be an inspiration to you!

Salut Nonno Sebastiano!

Mike, Todd, and Tim